Some of the characters, situations of 'Battlefield Dodge'

Andersonville Prison Camp 1864

More than 13,000 Union soldiers died

The 18th President, U.S. Grant


U.S. Dep. Marshal

Festus Haggen

Fr. Michael Cassidy

an Irish Immigrant

& Civil War Vet

A bitter war, which cost 630,000 Americans their lives, wasn't forgotten in only a few months or decades.

U.S. Dep. Marshal Newly O'Brien also must act to stop a nefarious plot.

The Irish potato famine of the 19th century, killed thousands and Fr. Cassidy had a front row seat for it.

A True Adventure novel


Hunger felt by thousands of Irish.


The bitterness of the south following the War Between the States.


Life on the Kansas Old West frontier.

In "Battlefield Dodge," you will be taken on an adventure that includes a look at the Irish potato famine and the horrors of the Andersonville, prisoner of war camp. It's a historical fiction book, but it also has lessons for today's challenges of terrorism and immigration.

A U.S . Marshal must act decisively to stop a plot, which could divide America once again.

A priest wrestling with his conscience and painful memories

Henry Wirz, the commandant of Andersonville Prison of War camp was tried for war crimes and hanged after the war.

A United States Marshal must protect his town AND his country.

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